Our Virtual Careersfest is Open!

We are pleased to announce that our first-ever Virtual Careersfest is now open!

Go to our ‘Resources’ page to check it out

For the past 10 years, on the last Thursday in January, we have welcomed exhibitors, students and Parents/Carers to our annual Careersfest. However, we had suspected 2021 would be different.

Although we returned to school in September, we already acknowledged the fact that we could not go ahead with a physical Careersfest in January 2021 – with over 1000 guests and exhibitors social distancing is impossible!

Rather than cancel the event completely (which would have been the easy option), we decided to run our first-ever Virtual Careersfest. Using our extensive list of contacts, we welcomed exhibitors new and old to our Virtual Careersfest. We did not ask them to set up a stall, just to send a link or video we could share.

Although it is not a physical event this year, it has still taken a great deal of time and effort to put the Virtual Careersfest together. All the local Careers Leaders and Jill from New City College, have contributed to the event; meeting regularly to discuss plans and ideas for what we could do or how to promote the event.

As always, it is safe to say this is a collaborative effort: if we didn’t work together it would never have happened!

It is lovely to see all the work and effort pay-off, so we hope you find our first-ever Virtual Careersfest informative and insightful.